High-polymer film of consumption is generally used on TFT-LCD Module and PDP Module process.
Especially, it used in ACF - Bonding process( OLB, TAP Solder Process : process Drive IC is attached on Glass panel by heating and pressing tool of ACF-Bonding machine ) of TFT-LCD Module, this films function is shock-absorber of bonding tool and protecting glass panel from glass panel breaking damage cause by particle and unbalance of PCB size.
PTFE skived-Teflon Film is used by itself, other three kind of film is used same time by three of layer.
Teflon Film and other three kind of films function is same.
Now our R&D team is continuously developing new film which can used by itself and replace function of three kind of film.

1. PTFE skived Teflon film (SK-TF)

Molded with PTFE into blocks and skived in a length and thickness.
Features include electric property, non-stickiness and moisture repellence.
Suitable for electric insulation with low coefficient of friction.

This PTFE skived film function is shock-absorber of bonding tool and protecting glass panel from glass panel breaking damage cause by particle and unbalance of PCB size.
Especially PTFE skived-Teflon Film is usually used on OLB process of LCD Module.
We can manufacture this film thickness 0.05mm, 0.08mm, 0.15mm, 0.3mm and going to develop 0.03mm film by our R&D team.


2. PTFE coating and dispersion Glass cloth(SK-GF)
  1. By using special process of dispersion, PTFE dispersion glass cloth made of thin glass cloth and PTFE.
    It has following characteristics; stable at high temperature, low-friction, easy disassemble, chemical resistance, powerful insulation.
  2. Due to excellent characteristics, it is widely used on the following purpose;
    - Easy separation of products from belts and fabrics without sticking
    - It reduces friction, endures high temperature, and has chemical resistance.
  3. Depend on the purpose and applications, PTFE dispersion glass cloth can be supplied to customers with special width and length. We are also suppling electric conducting glass cloth to remove static properties.

This PTFE coated Glass cloth use for the release of ACF adhesive and Silicone Rubber in ACF-Bonding process.
(Because we do PTFE coated on Glass fabric mesh, so it has a good release)
We can manufacture this product thickness from 0.045mm to customer requirement thickness.

Sheet Width(mm)
 Food & Mechanical Industry
 Semi Conductive, Textile Drying Calender Covers
 Microwave Circuit Board.
 Quarts Oscillator used for Electric and Electronic System
 Adhesivetape, Insulation and high temperature tape LCD  module assembly,
 Bondable Treatments, Adhesive Tape for Mechanics
 Architectural Fabric


2-1 PTFE copper-clad laminates

With the advance of various electronic and communication apparatus in the IT-related field, high stability and high frequency characteristics, are required for substrate use.
Our cooper clad laminates satisfy the customer's need with printed wiring boards and contribute customer to making a profit.
Is PTFE printed wiring board, developed by using our uniquely prepreg coating and manufacturing technology that is particularly used for microwave band.

  1. Stable dielectric constant in the wide frequency band.
  2. Low dissipation factor in the high frequency band.
  3. Flammability and Anti-contaminant.
  4. Unrivaled low water absorption in all the substrate material.
  5. Stable characteristics over a wide temperature range( continuous application results : 260)
  6. Stable in all chemical.

  1. Satellite communication & broadcasting.
  2. Next generation mobile phone.
  3. ITS
  4. ETC ( non-stop automatic electronic toll collecting)
  5. AHS ( Automatic cruise-assist high way system)
  6. Regional wireless local loop networks (WILL)
  7. CPU
  8. Measuring instrument.
  9. Artificial satellite mounted apparatus.
  10. GPS ( Global position system)

Test method
SKATF-100P(PTFE skived Teflon fiim)
SKAGF-100G(PTFE coated Glass cloth)
Film thickness(mm)
Adhesive Thickness(mm)
Peel strength
Tensile strength
Break voltage(V)


3. Polyimide Film (SK-PF)

Polyimide film and polyimide-fluoropolymer compounded film have excellent high temperature and radiation resistance, perfect electrical insulating properties, good adherence, and chemical resistance.
Polyimide film can be used in temperature from -269 to 400°C for a long span.
Fluoropolymer compound film has self-bonding propertise.
Both can be used in flexible printed circuits and as insulating materials of flat electric cables, electromagnetic wires and motors.
It is widely used in space navigation, electrical motors, transporting machines, weapons, mobiles, electronic instruments, communication equipment and in petrochemical industry.

4. Silicone rubber (SK-SR)

4-1. TFT-LCD Part

This material is used specifically for the assembly of TFT-LCD module.
It works as an electric - conductive medium when the electrode thermal connector of crystal panel is assembled with flexible printed circuit board.
It should uniformly distribute heat and pressure between the heating tool and the connector so that it should not cause any damage to PCB either by heat or pressure during the assembling process.

  1. With its high thermal conductivity and superior softness originated from silicone,
    it gives a fast and uniform heat transfer with no damage to PCB.
  2. It is of excellent property resisting against heat.
  3. It also has high restoration force and non-sticky properties.

This Silicone Rubber film function is shock-absorber of bonding tool and protecting glass panel from glass panel breaking damage cause by particle and unbalance of PCB size.
We can manufacture this product thickness 0.2mm,0.3mm by Black and Grey type


5. DCR-Pad, Roller


The DCR4, 6 and 12 are simple to use.
Just roll the roller in gentie, steady passes over the surface to be cleaned.
No downward pressure or wrist movement is required.
The roller works in either direction, removing contamination as it rolls.

To clean you roller, remove the protective layer from the top sheet of the waste pad to expose the special adhesive. Roll the contaminated roller on the pad.
The dirt is promptly transferred to the pad for permanent removal from the environment.


1. Silicone rubber(SK-ASR)

FPD (Flat Panel Display) Thermal Conductive Sheet
- Adhesion of Silicone Rubber Sheet on PDP TV, TFT-LCD TV, Monitor's Display Panel, as for Thermal Conductive Layer.
- Thermal Conductive Silicone Rubber sheet with adhesives, for Electronic Components
- Other Electronic Equipments (Microwave Oven, etc..)

Technology Characteristics;
  • Modifying Hydrophobic Surface to Hydrophilic.
  • Creation of New Functionality on Cured Silicone Rubber
  • Permanent and Excellent Hydrophilic Function.
  • Adhesion Improvement between Over-layer and IAR Modified Silicone Rubber Surface.
Process & Application;
  • Dry Process, no Fouling, Low Energetic Method.
  • Non-toxic, Bio-compatible, Completely Environmental Process.
  • Low Maintenance Cost, Low Production Expenses.
  • Broad Application Range in Silicone Rubber Industry.
  • Technology Protected by Own Patents.