1. Clean Roll Wiper (SK-CRW)

Clean roll wiper is treated and processed anti-static/corona-discharged against static electricity generating.
Damages caused from static electricity toward semiconductor like I.C are suppressed to the utmost.

It is used for auto-cleaning of solder paste and chip bond in metal mask of screen printer on SMD line (auto-matically installed line) for printing.
It is very absorbable and soft to have superior flexibility, It completely removes unneeded material and left-thing like lead/adhesive on the surface or around etching of metal mask,
to make the product it self more reliable.
It also restraints various phenomena like solder ball, punch-slow, oxidized-gate and mislead

2. Tex Wiper (SK-TEX WIPER)

it is used for manufacturing process under high temperature, which is not able to use synthetic fiber-wipers.
Good for cleaning around extended pot of high temperature.
Effective for cleaning and polishing surfaces of metal / plastic disks.
Suitable for manufacturing process of computer hard disk.

  • It is a wiper suitable for work environment like clean-room, since it hardly generates self-dusts when used.
  • It rarely leaves unneeded materials or remainders on the used surfaces and is a widely used wiper ( overall use )for ultramodern industry like precision electronic and semiconductor, etc.
  • It has superb durability of maintaining 75% of original textile intensity even under the wet condition.
  • It is a wiper made out of solid material and has a superior resistant capacity against various chemicals.
  • It shows off dramatically improved absorbability, compared to the currently used polyester wiper textiles.
  • It can be cremated under the environmental regulation of ISO 14000 and doesn't generate toxic gas for cremation.